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How Cellfire Works

What is Cellfire?

Cellfire allows you to access coupons for your favorite products right from your phone. You can clip Cellfire digital grocery coupons directly to your grocery store savings cards/account. Your coupons are automatically redeemed when you use your card at checkout!

Browsing Coupons

Upon first arriving you'll be asked to select your favorite grocer to view all their available coupons.

Clipping Coupons

Click the Clip button beneath the coupon you like. You will be prompted to add your savings card number (if you haven't already added it). Your coupon will be clipped to your savings card/account and will appear at the bottom of the coupon list.

Redeeming Coupons

To redeem a grocery coupon, just use your card at checkout. That's all there is to saving with Cellfire! You can also go to on your PC to manage your saved offers.

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Top Questions

How much does Cellfire cost?

Cellfire is free, however, using Cellfire on your mobile phone requires access to the internet. There are no extra fees if you have an unlimited data plan. With "pay as you go" plans, there are nominal carrier charges. Check with your carrier for more info.

How often are coupons updated?

Cellfire coupons are updated regularly.

I tried to use Cellfire grocery coupon(s), but did not receive my discount. What happened?

The coupon may have failed for the following reasons: If you would like to report a problem with the redemption of one of our coupons, contact Cellfire support.

How do I check for new coupons?

The coupons displayed are always current. There is no need to update or download new coupons.

How can I check which coupons I've clipped when I go shopping?

All coupons currently on your savings card/account will appear at the bottom of the coupons list and will say "Clipped."

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Digital Grocery Coupons

Can I remove a coupon once it has been clipped?

Unfortunately we don't have the ability to delete coupons from your savings card. They will automatically disappear when you either redeem them, or they expire.

Coupons that I clipped have disappeared. Where did they go?

Clipped coupons are removed once they are redeemed or they expire.

I've redeemed a coupon but it still appears as "clipped." Why?

It can take up to 24 hours for our system to be updated after you redeem a coupon at the grocery store. Please do not attempt to use the coupon again; the discount is only valid for one use and cannot be applied again. Once our systems have been updated, the coupon will be removed.

Can I use a paper coupon with a Cellfire coupon?

Cellfire does not encourage the use of paper coupons with Cellfire coupons.

Can I use a Cellfire coupon with other e-coupons?

No, only one e-coupon is allowed per item.

I have multiple e-coupons for a product. Which one will be applied at checkout?

The coupon that provides the highest consumer benefit will be applied first. Another way to read this is: the coupon that will allow you the maximum potential savings will be applied first.

If I have 2 of the same product and I have 2 Cellfire coupons for that product, can I purchase them both in the same transaction?

No, the Cellfire coupon code can only be applied once per product, per transaction. In order to get your discount for the second item, please ask the cashier to ring it up separately.

If I have 2 or more of the same product and I have 2 e-coupons for that product, including a Cellfire coupon, can I purchase them in the same transaction and get my discount?

For some grocers, you may only use one e-coupon per product per transaction. In order to get all of your applicable discounts, please ask the cashier to ring up your items in separate transactions.

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Grocery Store Savings Cards

How do I add my savings card to Cellfire?

Once you find a coupon you like, click the "Clip" button beneath it. You will be prompted to enter your savings card/account.

How do I get a savings card?

Please visit the customer service desk at your local grocery store and ask for a savings card application. In most cases you will receive a card on the spot. Before you can add a brand new card to Cellfire, please activate it first by using it at checkout and then wait 30 minutes before clipping coupons to it.

I have a savings card/account but don't know my number, how do I find it?

If you shop at:
Baker's • City Market • Dillons • Fry's • Fred Meyer • Gerbes • JayC • King Soopers • Kroger • Owen's • Pay Less • QFC • Ralphs • Scott's • Smith's
To get your card number, contact Kroger customer support on the web, or call 1-866-221-4141 Mon.-Fri. 9am-9pm Eastern Time.
To get your card number, contact Safeway customer support on the web, or call 1-877-723-3929 Mon.-Fri. 9am-9pm Eastern Time, 8am-9pm Central, Mountain, and Pacific Time.
To get your card number, contact ShopRite customer support on the web, or call 1-800-746-7748 8am-8pm Eastern Time.
To get your card number, contact D'Agostino customer support on the web or by calling 1-800-ASK-4DAG (1-800-275-4324) Monday - Friday - 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time.
Your Harps ID is a 14 digit combination of the 10 digit phone number and 4 digit passcode you use to log into the coupon program on If you haven’t registered on yet you can enter your 10 digit phone number + a 4 digit passcode and we’ll create an account for you. If you need help remembering your ID contact customer support in store or at
Giant Eagle
To get your card number, contact Giant Eagle customer support on the web or call 1-800-553-2324 9am-9pm Eastern Time 7 days a week.
To get your card number, contact the SHOP 'n SAVE Help Desk on the web or call 866-312-2108.
Lowes Foods
To get your card number, contact Lowes Foods Customer Care Center on the web, or call 1-888-537-8646 Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm, Sat. 10am-2pm Eastern Time.
To get your card number, contact Foodtown customer support on the web.
Marsh • MainStreet Market
To get your card number, contact Marsh customer support on the web.
J&J Foods
To get your card number, contact customer support in store.

I tried to add my grocery savings card, but was told my card number is not valid. What should I do?

This error means you likely entered your card number incorrectly. Verify that it is has been entered correctly (look on the back of your card, underneath the bar code) and try again.

I tried to add my grocery savings card, but was told my card number is not found. What should I do?

You may receive this message if you were just recently issued a savings card. Please activate your card by using it at the store and wait 30 minutes before trying to add your card again.

How many grocery coupons can I clip to my savings card/account?

You can clip as many Cellfire coupons to your savings card as you want. However, if you are also clipping coupons from other electronic coupon services, you may not be able to fit them all onto your card.

My family shares one card. Can each use it with our own Cellfire accounts?

Yes, multiple people can add a grocery card to their individual accounts. Be sure to coordinate when coupons are redeemed because they can only be redeemed once.

My wife and I have different cards, but it seems that coupons are clipped to both cards at once. Why is this happening?

Sometimes grocery stores combine multiple cards in a household to one household account. Cellfire coupons will be clipped to both cards and a redemption with one card will prevent usage of the coupon with the other card. You'll have to manage coupons clipped to the cards as one card.

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Managing Your Cellfire Account

What does Cellfire do with my personal information?

Any information you provide is protected by the Cellfire privacy policy.

How do I opt-out of SMS or email offer alerts.

To stop SMS text messages, simply reply STOP to any Cellfire message. To stop emails, tap on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Cellfire email.

I no longer wish to use Cellfire. How can I cancel my account?

Please contact Cellfire support to cancel your account.

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